Westbury House School team skydive to raise funds for the Msalura School

The Westbury House team, represented by Mrs Sabea Ganji, School Administrator, and Miss Clare King, Headmistress, embarked on a daring adventure for a noble cause on Wednesday 1st May. Their destination was the North London Skydiving Centre in Peterborough, where they aimed to raise funds for Msalura School in Malawi.

Their mission was to contribute to ILG’s target of £20,000 for the school in Malawi. With a mix of nerves and excitement, they bravely leaped out of a plane, later describing it as “the most terrifying, exhilarating, and bonkers experience” of their lives. A huge congratulations to Mrs Ganji and Miss King who raised £3,085 towards the cause!

To find out more about ILG’s partnership with the Msalura School please click here.