About ILG

About ILG

Inspired Learning Group is comprised of 24 independent schools and nurseries. We cherish their particular identities and traditions, actively encouraging them to participate in their local communities.  Overall, our staff of over 1,000 look after over 3,000 pupils, making us one of the largest independent school groups in the UK.

We see this as one extended family, allowing us to share best practice and innovation between schools in order to raise standards of teaching and learning for all our students. Each location has its own history – some of our schools are nearly 100 years old – and we encourage cultural individuality so that new ideas can grow naturally with the best ideas then implemented right across the group. This collaborative spirit is an effective way of ensuring that education practices do not fall behind the times. And it is why we encourage out-of-the-box methods such as Apple teaching and future thinking.

ILG schools may look reassuringly traditional in some ways but our move away from standardisation toward customisation is not just modern but quietly revolutionary. We make the effort to understand the differences between individual children and tailor their teaching at a personal level. This means that all children, no matter their needs, are catered for. Our commitment to parents is that no one child will ever be left behind.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela