Prep Schools

Visit any one of our schools and you will notice one common trait: a true passion for learning and care. Pupils are encouraged to strive for excellence by developing their academic, musical, sporting, artistic and personal potential both at school and within the community.

Our watch words are: Excellence, Determination, Responsibility, Kindness, Honesty and Respect. And all our schools endeavour to create a community that is welcoming, happy, vibrant and focused. We cultivate well-being, confidence, leadership and collaboration. And our teachers work hard to spark curiosity, nurture critical thinking and develop active participation.

The advantages of ILG schools should not be underestimated: capped class sizes and exam success are deeply inter-related, as are the benefits of each school having its own identity, tradition and culture.

We want our schools to be the destination of choice for families who seek an engaging, co-educational and friendly learning environment with a holistic approach for every single child. Our extensive research has identified the key parent considerations when selecting a school, and we aim to deliver:

  • preparing students to fulfil their potential
  • utilising an engaging curriculum that is relevant to both today and tomorrow
  • promoting good discipline and order
  • instilling core moral values
  • offering pastoral care of students
  • employing high quality staff
  • keeping class sizes small and manageable
  • providing environments that integrate staff, community and family.