Grange Park Prep School

Founded in 1924, Grange Park Prep School in London prepares students for success in both secondary school and in their personal lives. Open to children between the ages of 3-11, the small class sizes allow the teachers to truly get to know each pupil and help them reach their full potential.

Children at Grange Park Prep School are positive, proactive learners, with empathy and respect for their peers and for the wider community. The teachers plan a variety of academic and extra-curricular activities to ensure all pupils enjoy their time at the school, whilst receiving the highest quality of education.

Flavia Rizzo, Headteacher

Together with her team of excellent teachers, Flavia Rizzo is dedicated to the pupils at Grange Park Prep School and focusses on preparing them for the future. She believes that children flourish when they feel safe and happy, and works hard to ensure the school instils this within them.

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