With the changing face of education and society, schools are challenged with providing the best service they can to develop capable and confident students ready for the demands of the modern world.

Our Schools achieve this by focussing on engaging inspiring education and developing character within a values-based community. Making our schools ‘Centres of Excellence’ with strong academic results is paramount to ILG.

Our vision for ‘Best Practice’ in education is based on a multi-facetted model developed from both research and experience. For us, an effective school has the following characteristics: a clear vision for learning; a safe and orderly environment; and a climate of high expectation that says all students can achieve success. There should be a focus on student achievement through excellent curriculum delivery by quality teachers with strong leadership and governance throughout the group. We also believe in frequent monitoring of student progress and strong home-school relations.

The key to all this is high-quality and professional staff who can underpin all these quality concepts, particularly learning outcomes, improvements and sustainable change. The focus should therefore be on professional knowledge, practice and leadership. This focus, coupled with accreditation through inspection and professional memberships of associations for training, ensure we develop centres of personal excellence which, in turn, develop excellent students.

As an organisation we strongly believe in improvement and growth, challenging ourselves to be ambitious and set very high expectations.

We whole-heartedly concur with the thinking of noted business guru Jim Collins, who writes:

Great organisations keep clear the difference between their core values (which never change) and operating strategies and cultural practices (which endlessly adapt to a changing world).

Jim Collins

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