ILG celebrates success at St Francis College after GSA competition win.

We send out our congratulations to St Francis Colleges’ Year 9 student Bethan Conway on her achievement in winning the Girls’ School Association’s Creative Writing Competition. The competition saw over 1000 entries, all of which celebrated the topic of female friendships.

Bethan attended the GSA Summer Briefing where over 300 Headteachers were awed by the creativity, oracy and charisma that Bethan bought. Her poem titled September Again was given the ‘Let Me Put You On Speaker’ award. Bethan was also able to perform her poem at the GSA’s Summer Briefing event in London alongside Karen McCarthy Woolf, and the other winners of the competition. Bethan was also recently named of one GSA’s ‘Women of the Week’ to further celebrate her win.

We extend our congratulations to Amelie Galloway from the St Francis prep department, who was awarded the title of runner up in her age group of Year 3-6.