Happy World Mental Health Day from ILG! 

The Inspired Learning Group is dedicated to not only fostering academic excellence, but also equipping children with the necessary tools to maintain their well-being. We prioritize the creation of supportive and comfortable environments where students feel supported and can openly discuss mental health. 

An outstanding example of our schools employing innovative techniques to support students’ mental health is Rookwood School, which has recently been shortlisted for the Independent School Association (ISA) Award for Excellence and Innovation in Mental Health and Well-being. This nomination is a result of the efforts led by Mrs. Liz Hacker, Deputy Head (Pastoral) at Rookwood School. 

Located in Andover, Rookwood School became a part of ILG in March of this year, catering to students from Nursery to Sixth Form. The school has long been recognized for its ability to provide a highly nurturing environment, emphasizing kindness, cooperation, and community integration into school life. 

Rookwood’s ISA nomination stems from their pioneering approach to Emotional Assertiveness, making them the first school in the UK to adopt this technique. School-wide workshops have been successfully implemented, with an enthusiastic response from students and staff alike. 

Rookwood School plans to extend the teaching of Emotional Assertiveness to other schools within ILG, furthering our commitment to promoting mental health awareness and well-being among all our students. 

The winner of the ISA Award will be announced in November. We wish all at Rookwood the best of luck! Read more about their approach to Emotional Assertiveness here.