ILG celebrate World Nature Conservation Day.

The Inspired Learning Group are pleased to wish everyone a happy World Nature Conservation Day. This day is observed every year in July and aims to spread awareness about the importance of protection nature and biodiversity to try and maintain a healthy environment. It is also considered a day to created positive opinions regarding climate change.

At ILG we are proud that our schools focus on connecting their pupils with the natural world. Forest School plays in an important part in this and the grounds are seen as an extension of the classroom.  Forest Schools aim to offer children the chance to develop a relationship with the natural world, as well as providing learning opportunities that enhance classroom-based topics; you’ll find many of our pupils taking maths classes outside, using natural materials to create artistic masterpieces or identifying trees and minibeasts in science.

Climate change is a topic often explored in lessons and researched further by our pupils who feel very strongly about their impact on the world. Recently, a pupil-led Eco Committee was formed at Westbury House. This committee has produced some fantastic ideas, such as introducing additional recycling schemes to the school, and organising lunches and litter picks in nearby parks.

We are also thrilled that our schools’ efforts towards becoming more eco-friendly are being rewarded. For example, Buxlow School, who through becoming a part of the Eco Schools England award scheme and gaining the Silver Award in 2019, were also awarded the prestigious Green Flag status this year. This accreditation represents an acknowledgment of the hard work that students put in to actively engage with and tackle environmental issues and displays a forward-thinking attitude.

We look forward to seeing how our school continue to work towards an eco-friendly mindset in the future and are optimistic about the current schemes that they have in place.