ILG is thrilled to partner with Active Camps, one of the UK’s leading holiday camp providers.

Active Camps pride themselves on creating safe and stimulating programmes where children can learn, make new friends, and have fun during the school holidays.

We are delighted to have welcomed Active Camps teams to many of our sites, including St. Francis’ College, Warlingham Park School, Gidea Park Preparatory School, and Sunninghill Prep School. The collaboration has been a resounding success across all locations.

Active Camps and ILG share a common belief in the importance of outdoor learning for child development. We both recognise that nature-immersion experiences offer remarkable benefits. Active Camps highlighted their ethos and approach to outdoor learning:

“Immersive outdoor activities take children beyond textbooks and four walls. They introduce them to new landscapes, languages, and customs. Being away from home and familiar routines encourages resilience. Children learn to adapt, problem-solve, and navigate unfamiliar environments. Whether it’s setting up tents during a camping trip or finding their way through a bustling market, these challenges build independence. They discover that they’re capable of more than they thought.

Our camp itineraries are specially curated to integrate these outdoor team-building activities, and make use of the excellent facilities at the host sites where our programmes are held. From sports and archery to collaborative games, during their time on an Active Camps programme, children will learn to communicate, foster new bonds, and build confidence.”

ILG is fortunate to have outstanding, purpose-built outdoor features at many of our schools, allowing us to widely implement outdoor learning. These facilities, including Forest Schools, sports fields and the ability to take pupils on frequent residential trips, enable us to teach lessons beyond the classroom and build experience and independence. Sunninghill Prep School, for example, introduces residential trips as early as Year 3, and engages their pupils in an extensive outdoor curriculum.

Ian Stazicker, Deputy Head of Pastoral at Sunninghill Prep School, commented on the importance of integrating outdoor and residential experiences into education:

“Outdoor Education can play a vital role in a pupil’s development. It can positively impact pupils’ attitudes, beliefs, and self-perceptions, as well as their independence and confidence. It also helps develop interpersonal and social skills such as communication and teamwork, while fostering more advanced skills like risk management.

Outdoor education can have a huge impact on mental health and wellbeing. Activities such as windsurfing can boost self-esteem, improve confidence, and reduce tension and stress. Pupils can leave their comfort zones and immerse themselves in these new experiences. We extend this to our Active Camps offerings by utilising our state-of-the-art facilities. Camps held at Sunninghill include swimming, go-karting, and watersports at the nearby Olympic sailing venue.”

Interested in giving your child one of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences? Visit the links below to learn more about future camp offerings at our ILG sites:

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