A focus on food and nutrition at ILG schools.

At the Inspired Learning Group, we recognise the importance of a well-balanced diet in fostering the healthy development of young children. We prioritise providing nourishing food that enhances their learning experience. By collaborating with our talented chefs across all our schools and nurseries, we are dedicated to ensuring that every child begins to understand the importance of healthy eating, establishes positive relationships with food, and that their nutritional needs are met during their time in an ILG setting.

To ensure our pupils enjoy top-tier catering, our schools and nurseries diligently select food from trusted suppliers and reputable companies. This approach instils confidence in parents, knowing their children are served high-quality meals. Buxlow Preparatory School for example have recently partnered with Chartwell Schools, the UK’s leading school and education catering company. Reflecting the goals of ILG, Chartwells dedicate themselves to providing students with nutritious food and memorable experiences to optimise their education journey.

Mitchell Wilkinson, Group Support Chef, emphasises the importance of having a productive relationship with food suppliers:

‘Having a good relationship with food suppliers allows you to maximise quality of the supplies we receive and gives parents confidence with our ingredients. Over the years I have learnt to avoid food waste, for example using slightly soft boxes of tomatoes to make fresh soups.’

With the help of these fresh, meticulously selected ingredients, our chefs make all dishes from scratch with no added preservatives.

Menus at all our locations are thoughtfully crafted to offer a diverse range of options, giving children the opportunity to explore a wide array of cuisines. Certain days are dedicated to specific cultures, such as Korean Food Day at Westbury House School. Our sites frequently celebrate festivals like Diwali, using these occasions as opportunities to educate students about diverse food-related customs, while giving them a chance to try new foods.

To uphold our standards and maintain satisfaction, schools regularly conduct surveys among parents to gather feedback and assess quality. These surveys aim to give parents and pupils a voice in our food provisioning and provide a chance for them to express what they are keen to see more of or change.

Many of our early years chefs utilise systems like Famly or Tapestry to share meal details with parents, maintaining ongoing communication and keeping them informed about their children’s daily dining experiences. These updates often inspire parents, who may choose to recreate the meals at home for their children to enjoy, such as homemade pasta sauces or fresh pizza dough. This collaborative approach enhances the connection between our schools and parents while promoting a shared commitment to the well-being of our pupils.

For further insights into our schools’ approach to food and nutrition, we encourage you to explore their individual websites.