Over Black History Month, ILG have been taking the opportunity to recognise and celebrate Black history and culture across our schools.

The Inspired Learning Group are dedicated to ensuring that each of our schools and nurseries create an inclusive environment for their community. We organise events at ILG schools throughout the year, not just during Black History Month, all carefully curated to teach students about B

Our schools and nurseries have commemorated Black History Month through a series of workshops, activities, and events. These events offer opportunities for students to celebrate and embrace diversity, regardless of their background or heritage.

To name a few, nurseries have been integrating African-inspired cuisine into their menus, for instance The Orchard Day Nursery Wimbledon. Children also participated in tie-dye and face decorating workshops, in addition to welcoming Theatre Bugs, who performed a piece drawing focus to the importance of art and drama in celebrating history and culture.

Jacqueline Hines, manager of Orchard Wimbledon, highlighted the nurseries dedication to being a learning hub for all cultures; ‘The Orchard Day Nursery isn’t just a place of learning. It’s a haven where history comes alive, cultures blend and tiny feet dance to the beat of the world’s vast heritage. Here’s to more days of joy, learning, and boundless enthusiasm! Cheers to a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow!’

St Nicholas Nursery, Kingsbury, hosted an event in honour of BHM, attended by Mayor of Brent, Orleen Hylton. Children performed using traditional African instruments and heard stories from nursery parents which delivered inspiring and ambitious messaging surrounded Black History.

Ms Anjana Shah, manager of St. Nicholas Nursery, commented on the uplifting event; ‘St. Nicholas Nursery’s Black History celebration was a testament to the power of education, music, and unity. It left an indelible mark on all those present, reminding everyone that understanding and celebrating our shared history enriches us all. This celebration will undoubtedly be remembered as a highlight of the year, fostering a sense of belonging and cultural appreciation that will last a lifetime.’

Pupils at Westbury House School in New Malden have been participating in BHM activities throughout the month. Celebrations concluded with a student-led assembly where children discussed historical figures who inspired them, such as Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela. Additional activities included learning about and creating pop-art, and collating picture books encouraging diversity.

Deputy Headteacher, Kristofer Beel, emphasised a focus on inclusion at Westbury House School; ‘Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do at Westbury House. We are proud to have such a diverse range of cultures, religions, and languages at our school; our pupils celebrate differences within our community, and understand that while we are all different, we all belong here.’

Events like these exemplify the unwavering effort and dedication of our schools to establish inclusive environments where children can openly celebrate their own heritages and simultaneously engage with the rich history and diverse cultures of their peers and others.

Visit our school’s websites to discover more about their events throughout the year!